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I am are well prepared to make profits from the industry, and we will do all that is permitted by the law in the United States to achieve my business goals, aim, and ambition. My business offering is listed below:

  • Charged with accounts payable functions to identify overdue accounts and initiate collection processes.

  • Reached out to customers to verify the information and follow up on issues.

  • Updated investment records upon funding of investments.

  • Researched tax regulations and bulletins to inform audit reports on [Timeframe] basis.

  • Drove growth, experience, and institutional knowledge of [Type] team to provide the highest level of client services.

  • Tracked all capital spending against approved capital requests.

  • Assisted the CFO with the production of the monthly financials, management reports, and board packages.

  • Increased efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability by managing team productivity, costs, and budgets.

  • Led and contributed to market and business development activities, identifying and pursuing new potential client services opportunities.

  • Prepared monthly and annual expense forecasts, including any necessary recommended action required to manage costs to achieve budget.

  • Collaborated extensively with auditors during preliminary and year-end audit processes.

  • Attended training in topics such as credit management and civil court practices to maintain up-to-date knowledge.

  • Assisted [Job Title]s in determining local tax liabilities for each client.

  • Contacted customers in person at personal and business locations to collect payments directly.

  • Developed, managed, and monitored multiple [Type] teams and client expectations.

  • Determined clients' eligibility for tax credits, abatements, or deductions through careful research and oversight.

  • Used [Software] to manage financial statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, checks, and invoices.

  • Created and distributed updated customer statements.

  • Recruited, identified, and developed [Type] professionals; implemented training and development programs to exceed retention targets successfully.

  • Performed financial statement audits of security broker-dealers for purposes of SEC/FINRA purposes.

  • Revised and streamlined, inefficient work procedures with automation software.

  • Maintained account books and accounting systems with accuracy by entering data precisely and proofreading.

  • Gathered information and entered data into the computer system.

  • Coordinated fixed asset additions and retirements.

  • Managed accounting operations, accounting close, account reporting, and reconciliations.

  • Disseminated account information and various metric data by producing detailed reports.

  • Reviewed all tax returns prepared by individual departments before approval.

  • Investigated and resolved discrepancies in monthly bank accounts while under tight deadlines.

  • Evaluated accounting requirements during discovery meetings with potential clients

  • Initiated payment recovery for the overpayment.

  • Prepared an average of [number] annual federal, state, and local tax returns for both individuals and businesses.

  • Used advanced software skills to produce high-quality documents, reports, and presentations.

  • Supplied detailed tax documentation needed to submit accurate corporate returns.

  • Executed accounts receivable reporting enhancements and reconciliation procedures.

  • Stored copies of completed returns and related documents according to company procedures and business regulations.

  • Retained key clients and business integrity throughout company transition from [Location] to [Location].

  • Provided reliable and timely projects by project expense, capitalization, amortization, and spend data for all departments.

  • Calculated taxes owed, prepared tax returns, and ensured prompt payment in adherence to IRS regulations.

  • Guided firm reconciliation, payroll, annual bonus, pension funds, annual reporting, and investment management.

  • Educated management on strategies for minimizing tax liability.

  • Maintained confidential information, such as pay rates, bonus targets, and pay grades.

  • Thoroughly reviewed financial statements and tax audits to correct any discrepancies.

  • Reduced errors associated with missed tax benefits by completing comprehensive reviews of internal tax preparation documents.

  • Restructured and analyzed [Software program] to improve budget reporting.

  • Received and submitted payments and applied amounts to customer balances.

  • Analyzed financial statements and income statements to review the company's financial performance.

  • Developed high-performing teams that consistently exceeded [Type] goals, driving revenue, and market expansion.

  • Ensured [Type] team focus on a critical understanding of client business needs to provide optimal solutions.

  • Efficiently implemented short-term tracking factoring in possible long-term tracking strategies.

  • Completed administrative tasks such as recordkeeping, writing correspondence, and gathering materials.

  • Resolved vendor and employee inquiries about invoices and purchases promptly through research.

  • Prepared financial and regulatory reports required by laws, regulations, or boards of directors.

  • Directed a team of [Number] professionals dedicated to providing tax compliance and consulting services across [Type] and [Type] business sectors.

  • Responded to state and federal tax notices by preparing written responses or tax return amendments.

  • Performed debit, credit, and total accounts on computer spreadsheets/databases, using specialized accounting software.

  • Reconciled bank statements to clients' books and prepared financial statements from client documents.

  • Addressed and resolved non-routine, complex, and unexpected variances.

  • Accessed required resources to assist clients with complicated tax issues, including complex business transactions, debt restructuring, bankruptcy, and financial due diligence.

  • Reduced closing time for monthly and quarterly close by [number]% by implementing new consolidation procedures.

  • Reduced entry input time by [number]% and decreased errors by [number]%.

  • Worked with management to document and offset unusual expense variances in respective areas.

  • Reviewed credit records to evaluate customer histories.

  • Updated customer accounts with interactions, payments, and personal information.

  • Coordinated the approval or rejection of lines of credit and commercial, real estate, and personal loans.

  • Updated and reconciled accounts payable with purchase orders for accuracy.

  • Informed clients of potentially beneficial products and services, resulting in additional business opportunities.

  • Utilized prescribed scripts and friendly but firm attitude with full knowledge of contractual requirements and legal remedies.

  • Reviewed accountant's book entries to ensure the accuracy of the G/L.

  • Determined best short- and long-term tracking methodology.

  • Received, recorded, and banked cash, checks, and vouchers and reconciled records of bank transactions.

  • Reached out to customers to collect outstanding payments via one-time or negotiated installment methods.

  • Audited a [Type] program for purchases and assessed the accuracy of recorded payments.

  • Formed and sustained strategic relationships with clients.

  • Maintained accuracy when reviewing and reconciling the general ledger.

  • Worked as a contracted auditor for [Client]'s [Type] processes.

  • Prepared month-end closing entries for detailed reporting and recordkeeping.

  • Researched using BNA and CCH for tax matters related to clients.

  • Performed field audits on a wide variety of clientele using Quick Books System.

  • Aligned all financial activity with the regulations of the GAAP.

  • Researched local tax liabilities to support senior tax professionals.

  • Completed monthly, quarterly, and annual bank reconciliations for 11 small companies.

  • Partnered with [Job title] to analyze overdue customer accounts and determine fees for late payment.

  • Produced the US and state income, gift tax, and estate tax returns for individuals.

  • Organized and maintained financial records for a company earning approximately $[Number] annually in net income.

  • Collaborated in the development of [Type] procedures.

  • Performed detailed research and used findings to support audit reports.

  • Analyzed costs and revenues to project future trends.

  • Applied federal and state government regulations to prepare accurate and compliant tax returns for clients in [Industry].

  • Reduced shrinkage by reorganizing inventory and labeling products appropriately.

  • Assisted in the creation of vendor contracts for outside vendors.






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